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Our trade and finance services

Standby Letter
of Credit

We provide the Standby Letter of Credit giving assurance to the concerned party about the payment.

Letter of Credit

We will make sure that the seller gets the payment when the documentary delivery procedures and conditions are met.

Bank Guarantees

Our Bank Guarantees is an undertaking on the behalf of the applicant in favor of the beneficiary.

RWA Documents

The RWA documents are provided to our esteemed clients quickly and easily.

About us

Acumen Bank is a provider of industry leading trade finance services to all our valued clients located all over the world.
The experienced team that we possess are up to date with all the latest trade finance procedures applicable in today’s financial markets. Due to our high quality services, we have become a trusted and notable name among all our clients.


We take pride in our bank’s ICRA certification, a testament to our commitment to financial excellence and security.


Suite 2521, BP 303, Mutsamudu, Anjouan, Union of Comoros.

REP Office

Level 37, One Canada Square, London E14 5AA, UK.


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