Letter of Credit

Acumen Bank is a reputed and renowned provider of Documentary Letter of Credit to all its clients. A Documentary Letter of Credit provides assurance to a beneficiary that they will get their payment as per the terms and conditions specified in it.
This form of financial instrument is mostly used for all the international transactions under which both the buyer and the supplier have a new relationship and operate from various countries. It has a condition where the compliant presentation should be under the documentary letter of credit.
Documentary Letter of Credit is an essential financial instrument that takes care of all the short term needs. For a person, who is in need of some credit for a project, a Documentary Letter of Credit is quite helpful. It is also useful for settling dues and is in need of sufficient return in a specific time frame.
All the important documents and information that is needed by a beneficiary are highlighted by a Documentary Letter of Credit. This information includes the expiry date and time of the letter. A compliant presentation is another form of guarantee that a beneficiary gets by the Documentary Letter of Credit for getting paid. For this, it is necessary that all the delivery conditions are met.
With us at Acumen Bank, you will be provided with all the support that you need. We will write the Documentary Letter of Credit on the behalf of the applicant and will make sure that all the necessary terms and conditions for documentation purposes are met for any amount is given to the supplier.
The Documentary Letter of Credit is governed by the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit (UCP) is another name for these rules. UCP600 is the latest version that is in effect from July 1st, 2007. The issuing bank and beneficiary are the concerned parties to a Documentary Letter of Credit.
The issuer’s creditworthiness is given precedence over the buyer’s. This gives the suppliers the surety that they will be getting the payment.

Standby Letter
of Credit

We provide the Standby Letter of Credit giving assurance to the concerned party about the payment.


Our Bank Guarantees is an undertaking on the behalf of the applicant in favor of the beneficiary.


The RWA documents are provided to our esteemed clients quickly and easily.