Standby Letter
of Credit

Acumen Bank is a leading provider of Standby Letter of Credit to its esteemed and valued clients. A Standby Letter of Credit is a guarantee that ensures a beneficiary is paid on behalf of a client in a situation when the applicant makes a default. This was introduced as an alternative or an option for the guarantee that the local banks were not allowed to issue.
A Standby Letter of Credit came into existence as a legal pitfall that was imposed by the U.S. regulator on the bank’s authority for issuing guarantees. It is considered a flexible tool that is used in most cases for making payments securely.
We at Acumen Bank make sure all the different processes involved while issuing a Standby Letter of Credit are taken care of in an easy and streamlined manner. The financial experts that are working with us are quite experienced with all the latest international trade processes and will make sure you get the Standby Letter of Credit that will provide you with an assurance of the payment regardless of any situation. With us, there is no need for you to worry about the different legalities that are involved with a Standby Letter of Credit. All the intricacies that are involved will be handled by our financial experts. Our experts are quite experienced and will give you all the information and help that is needed for getting a Standby Letter of Credit successfully. They will provide you with a solution for all your concerns in the shortest possible time.


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Letter of Credit

We will make sure that the seller gets the payment when the documentary delivery procedures and conditions are met.


Our Bank Guarantees is an undertaking on the behalf of the applicant in favor of the beneficiary.


The RWA documents are provided to our esteemed clients quickly and easily.